Grocery Store Employee Reveals Bread Tag Color Trick Everyone Should Know

You probably have household items that have tags and symbols on them that you don't think twice about. It's information that's always been there.

Did you know that some of our daily products and even garments have secret uses that you might not have known about? For instance, you see a lot of winter hats that have pom poms at the top. And what about that extra shoelace hole? Did you know that this serves a handy purpose too?

While we may pay extra attention to these odd design details, do you ever take the time to check out the symbols on your products? Along with the list of ingredients and directions for use, there are quite a few symbols hiding all over your plastic bottles. While they may seem unimportant, there are a couple that you should always pay attention to. 

On the back of your liquid products, there is a symbol that reads "12M" or perhaps even "24M." When you watch this video below, you may be surprised to learn that this holds the key to your product's lifespan! 

Because most of us use multiple liquid-based products a day, like shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorants, lotions and skin care products, it is helpful to keep track of when products will expire past recommended use. On the bottle below for example, this "12M" symbol means that once opened the contents are best used within 12 months.

There is another way to keep track of the lifespan of your products and goods. Everyone is familiar with the symbol for recycling; three arrows that form a triangle.

Inside the triangle is a number that tells you if the product is safe for storing food or liquids inside for a long period of time. But the different numbers mean different things - watch the video to know which numbers are safe.

It's fascinating to learn what many of these symbols and signs mean on your products!

So what about these sneaky bread tags? Well as it turns out, the color of the tag means just as much as the date printed on it! Apparently, there is a color-coded trick that will help you pick out the freshest loaf. 

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