German Shepherd Lives With Woman For Months, Then Man Shows Up & Dog’s Reaction Says It All

When Freya found herself in the care of this woman's house, it didn't take long for friendship and loyalty to be established. Freya is a very protective German Shepherd. Though she was in a new place, she quickly became accustomed to caring for her owner just as her new owner cared for her. It seemed like Freya was comfortable with the woman, but only when a man showed up at the house was Freya really put to the test.

Dogs are often protective, and even sensing someone at the door, they will take initiative to alert their owner. Since Freya was already at the door when the woman returned home, she knew right away something was up. Freya was caught in a mix of emotions when the woman opened the door. It was impossible not to notice Freya's anxiousness. Unable to hold back, Freya went right past the woman, knowing she wasn't the only one coming to the house. When the woman realized what was going on, she could hardly believe her eyes. There was a man right behind her. One could only imagine the way her heart must have been racing when witnessing the way Freya acted towards this man.

In a matter of seconds, this German Shepherd displayed not only her emotions, but where her true loyalty lies. When she gets close enough to the man to recognize who he is, she nearly melted right before him. Watch this heartwarming moment when Freya meets this man once again in the shocking video below.


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