Strange Man Snatches Little Girl At Walmart, Camera Captures Terrifying Moment She Fights Back

When Georgeann Baxter and her little girl Brittney set out to do some shopping at their local Walmart, they never could have imagined the frightening danger that lurked ahead. The pair had been perusing the toy aisle when Georgeann made the fateful decision to linger off for a few minutes, leaving the seven year old alone.

She felt safe knowing exactly where her little girl would be, so she rushed off to grab some produce allowing Brittney a little extra time to look at toys. Little did they realize at the time, a man had been lurking a couple aisles away, waiting to make his move.

While Georgeann hurried to finish her shopping, she had no idea that her daughter had just become a target.

The stranger approached Brittney and tried to make idle conversation. It was clear that he was trying to get her to quickly warm up to him. He likely hoped he could simply lure her away with empty promises, but the little girl had other plans. 

When Brittney told the man she was going to get her mommy, the man decided to make his move. He snatched her right up and began to make a run for it! Brittney panicked for a second, but knew exactly what she should do.

The little girl had been taught by family members, including a brother who is a soldier in the U.S. Army, what to do in such a crisis. And it worked!

Brittney began flailing all about and screaming. She drew people's attention, which prompted the man to set her down and flee.

"Punch, kick and scream as hard as you can..."

Brittney and her classmates at Tallapoosa Primary School also had learned from their counselor Emily Altman some self-defense tips as part of a program called Good Touch, Bad Touch. Emily emphasized that kids should stay with their parents when in public and then yell or scream like Brittney did if someone tries to grab you. 

"I couldn't be prouder of her."

Police Chief Keith Pesnell with the Bremen Police Department said how important it is to teach a child exactly what to do if they are unfortunately in such a situation. He credited Brittney's quick thinking and perfect response to the attempted abduction for saving her own life. Of course, shoppers should also remain vigilant - if you see something suspicious unfolding, seek help immediately. 

Georgeann said she could not believe what had happened to her daughter, especially considering they had always felt safe in their local store. Thankfully, the store had functioning security cameras and police were able to examine the footage and bring the man to justice.

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