Defrost Your Windshield Effortlessly With Weatherman's Solution

When cold weather comes to bring your windshield an unwanted icy layer, Newsman Ken Weathers has just the solution. Fully aware of the fact that turning on your car and setting it to defrost takes several minutes and gas, he shares an easier way. To save time and money, Ken Weathers shows that it is not by your one-time purchase of an ice-scraper, but rather your very own DIY spray bottle that costs just pennies to make. When he shows how ridiculous it is to scrape the windshield compared to how easy it is to spray and walk away, it just makes sense.

There are several de-icers you can buy at the store, however, nothing works quite like what he uses. If he were to use water alone, it could potentially break the windshield, leaving him with a much bigger mess than the icy frost did. However, by adding just one other ingredient to his spray bottle, his magic formula is made. This all depends on the proportions, so he carefully demonstrates exactly what to do to make it. He pulls out two cups to measure 1/3 part water and 2/3 part rubbing alcohol.

He pours the two ingredients alone into the spray bottle to keep in his car handy for whenever the cold weather comes. His mixture is dependable because of one simple fact: rubbing alcohol has a freezing point of 128 degrees below freezing. Knowing this, Weathers can be sure that whenever he brings his spray bottle out to use, it will work well. Watch the video below for his ultimate demonstration.


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