Woman Starts Playing The Trumpet, But It's Who Joins Her That Sends Chills Down Everyone's Spine

One of the best things about the holiday season doesn't have a thing to do with all the bargains you find on Black Friday, or the number of gifts piling up underneath the tree. The Christmas season means so much more than what candy-filled stockings and material fluff can give you. This is pretty much the only time of year that millions of people all around the world get to share the exact same thing, at the same time - it's called joy! And of course, there's no better song to epitomize that amazing feeling than the Christmas classic, 'Joy to the World.'

When The Piano Guys decided to let their lovely piano hang out with a rock'n crowd of musical instruments, the end result turned out to be a mashup made in heaven! However, this isn't your average door-to-door Christmas caroling version of the holiday favorite. The striking of the bells will give you the chills, but it's the cheeky interplay between the guitar and cello strings, the reverberating chimes, and even the stunning vocals of the choir, that makes this musical mashup a gift to our ears.

The video starts off with a lonely chime that's hanging off of a microphone, and as soon as the mallet strikes, the musical party begins! The look of pure and utter joy on Steven's face, who is playing the cello, pretty much says what everyone in the room is feeling. These guys love what they do, and you'll love it too! As the world gears up for yuletide cheers and family gatherings, this 'Ode to Joy to the World' will definitely kick your holiday festivities up a notch. Watch the video below to make your heart sing with joy.

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