Housemaid Thinks It's An Ordinary Day, Until She Realizes Boss Went Behind Her Back & Set Her Up

Professional cleaners who travel to clients' homes never know what they are walking into when they go to a new house. For Cara Simmons, she had one of the strangest experiences ever for a maid, and it was all caught on tape. 

She is a mother of three and hasn't had a day off in years. Cara works so much, both at her job and raising her kids, that she has been hospitalized for exhaustion in the past. 

So, when Cara's boss told her that she was to go to a cleaning job for a very important client, she came ready to work as hard as she ever did. That's when things got weird. 

The woman in the house told her they were throwing a big party that evening, and in her frantic desire to get ready for it she already cleaned the house. But, she told Cara, there was still a lot that needed done. 

That's when Cara was asked to taste a seven-course meal prepared by expert chef Manny Slomovits. Cara then taste-tested a meal made by Chef Manny with $4,000 truffles, lobster, and even edible gold!

The strangeness continued as Cara, with a full belly, was asked to answer the doorbell and let in two masseurs complete with a massage chair. 

The men said they needed to "warm up" their hands, and Cara was asked if she minded sitting in for a massage. To add to the weirdness, the "owner" of the home began to clean even more while the professional cleaner got pampered. 

After this, the woman took Cara upstairs to the master bedroom and offered to give her couture fashion items and expensive jewelry. 

Then, Cara was pulled away by another person at the door. When she answered it this time, it was a mover carrying boxes. When Cara opened them she was stunned to find that the boxes were full of all her possessions. 

Stunned, they went outside so Cara could finally learn what was really going on, and the truth made her burst into tears. 

The back of the moving van opened up and Cara's kids, her sister Glo, and Cara's neice all jumped out yelling "Surprise!" 

The mover revealed himself as Greg Benson, the host of an online show called "Prank It Forward" where they play "pranks" on people by doing unexpectedly nice things for them. The plan had been to treat Cara to a paid day off, but then Greg kicked things up to the next level. 

He told Cara that, thanks to their sponsors, they purchased and renovated this home and it was Cara's free-of-charge. 

Greg said: 

"This is your home, you can stay here for your whole life, you can pass it down to your children, you can pass it down to your grandchildren, this is for you."

The surprises didn't stop there, as she was given one more major surprise for her and her sister. 


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