Pentatonix Sings "Deck The Halls" - With A Twist That's Covering Everyone With Goosebumps

As the Christmas season gets closer, the thought of new music from Pentatonix pops into our minds. When will they release a cover of our favorite holiday song? Will they drop a new album? Well, all of the questions have been put to rest when the group released their spunky, modern rendition of "Deck The Halls." Not only did they share their new video, but they also announced an upcoming Christmas special, linked to their deluxe album and introduced their newest member!

After the resignation of Ari Kaplan, the group was in desperate search for a new tenor. That's when they discovered Matt Sallee! Matt is a world-renowned tenor who has mastered the acapella technique long before being brought on to join the wildly popular group! Now Ari can focus on his family and life outside of the group and the remaining members can have a complete acapella sound that has been polished just in time for the holidays!

Together, the five members of Pentatonix join for an acapella-beatbox mashup version of "Deck The Halls" that's as pleasing auditorily as it is fun to watch! It seems like Matt fits right in - he was born to be a member of this incredible group! They bop, belt and boogie in front of the camera as the tune of "Deck The Halls" plays in the background. This video makes it clear why these talented youngsters are so popular! Listen to their new "Deck The Halls" performance for yourself by pressing "play" below. We can't wait to see what other songs they release this holiday season!

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