Mom Turns To Find Baby Clutching Roomba, Baby's Next Move Is Impossible To Ignore

Many moms have mastered juggling a baby in one arm who is perched on their hip and a broom in the other, sweeping up loose Cheerios and possibly pet hair. Motherhood is full of multitasking opportunities and thankfully, baby carriers help make cuddling a baby and carrying out chores at the same time a little bit easier.

But one mom has cleverly combined sweeping up the floor and entertaining baby in a novel way. This mom owns a Roomba, which is a robotic vacuum shaped as a circle that zooms across the floor picking up pet hair, crumbs, dirt and daily dust. She is quite fortunate to have this helpful tool in her house-cleaning arsenal, which cuts down on chore time. These robotic vacuums also are awfully cool. They rely on a sensor system and gently nudge into walls, counters and other fixtures before expertly and swiftly spinning around in another direction. They also can detect the edge of a staircase and will stop before tumbling down.

According to the manufacturer, a Roomba makes 60 decisions every single second as it navigates under furniture and around objects to clean floors. This mom had no difficulty making the decision to allow her adorable daughter to go for a spinning ride on her Roomba. It's almost as if she's at the amusement park on her very own baby ride! This baby clad in footie jammies clutches the ridge of the Roomba and holds on tightly as the robotic vacuum glides across the floor, getting the job done. The baby doesn't make a single peep, apparently enjoying the joyride on the back of this vacuum. This baby girl is smarter than she lets on! Check out how calm she is as she zips around on the back of this robotic vacuum.

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