Parents Put Their Baby Girl To Sleep, Then Hear Whispering Over The Baby Monitor

As parents, we do our very best to teach our children right from wrong, keep them safe and help them along this "full of obstacles" life journey. And do they take in all of our wonderful advice and profound words?

Most likely not. But every once in a while they surprise us and give us a sign that they've been listening to all we've been saying.

Kathryn and Caleb Whitt say their prayers nightly with their two-year-old daughter Sutton. It's a special family time to reflect on their blessings and thank the Lord for the many important people in their lives.

However, as we all know, life gets busy sometimes. So on one particular evening, Kathryn and Caleb put their toddler to bed without saying prayers as a family.

About an hour later, their ears perked up as they began to hear soft whispering coming from the baby monitor. What could it be?

These parents were instantly alarmed! Was someone in their daughter's room?

Was it a ghost? What on earth was going on? After a moment, these proud parents realized that their two-year-old daughter was doing exactly what she had been taught to do, all on her own.

Kathryn and Caleb were speechless, listening ever so carefully, as they recorded the whispering for a full two minutes. When Kathryn and Caleb watched the video with audio, they discover that adorable Sutton is praying for her parents, grandparents, friends and even Santa Claus.

This precious toddler was praying for those she loved. She threw in an extra prayer request for Santa, too, which was completely adorable to hear.

What a beautiful thing to hear a child of God communicating to the Lord. It's truly touching.

Watch the adorable video, which has been viewed well over a million times. What she says is sure to melt your heart!


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