8 Couples Form A Diagonal Line On The Floor. The Crowd Went Wild With Their Following Move

While most dancers in a competition use classical or jazz music, these performers decided to go a different route entirely! They chose Vanilla Ice's hit hip-hop tune "Ice Ice Baby" for their routine and it couldn't have turned out any better!

Now their performance is going viral and it's easy to understand why! You have to see it for yourself. 

The song "Ice Ice Baby" that the group performs to was released by Robert Van Winkle, known by his rapper name as Vanilla Ice, in 1990. According to Robert, he wrote the song when he was 16 after sampling the 1981 classic "Under Pressure" by Queen and David Bowie.

Originally, the members of Queen and Bowie didn't receive any creative credit for the use of their music. But after changing his story several times, Robert finally caved and added all members of Queen and David Bowie onto the songwriting section of the track.

To this day, "Ice Ice Baby" remains an American classic and it added quite a fun element to this awesome dance routine. Instead of boogying to jazz, these talented dancers jump, shimmy and shake to the forever-recognizable hip-hop tune.  

Their entire routine combines numerous different music genres to create an incredible competitive routine. There's even a shout out to Disney's High School Musical with a snippet from a song sung by the stars from that cast.

The fans who left comments about the routine couldn't imagine the strength, stamina and skill it took to execute the routine so flawlessly. They marveled over the fancy footwork showcased by the performers.

But of course, the songs were such a hit that they made watching the dancers an absolute treat. This co-ed routine has drawn so much attention globally.  


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