Woman Brings In Old Lion Statue, Never Expecting It Would Bring The Appraiser To Tears

When Antiques Roadshow stopped in Albuquerque, New Mexico, fans of this popular show did not expect one appraiser to well up with tears and become unable to speak - all over a lion statue. A woman whose grandparents traveled to China decades ago brought home a heavy gray marble statue with impeccable detailing.

The chiseled creation was believed to be from the Ming Dynasty and "priceless," the woman said. The appraiser, Lark E. Mason with Lark Mason Associates out of New York, began growing emotional when speaking with the women who had inherited the statue from her parents.

He could barely sputter out the words "It's fantastic." He could not contain his emotions as he spoke about this particular piece of art.

Lark went on to say, "This is among the finest examples of Chinese art that we have seen on the Roadshow. The carving is beautiful, the workmanship is stunning, the carver who did this was truly a master."

The appraiser highlighted several points about the piece, such as the lion's rippling muscles, sandy surface, its patina and the artist's amazing attention to detail. Lark said he has seen small replicas of this very statue, but none quite like this one.

In reality, the marble lion dates back to the "golden period" of Chinese art called the Tang Dynasty. He confirmed that people can only see examples like this particular piece in art museums and occasionally at auctions.

Finally, it was time to reveal its worth... As an unsigned piece of art, Lark shared with the woman just how much it would fetch at an auction.

The insurance figure he then shared was even more of a whopping figure! The numbers Lark disclosed are truly startling!


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