First Time Mom Gives Birth To Triplets. Days Later, Drs. Notice Something Off About Their Heads

Amy and Mike Howard were eagerly expecting their first child when their sonogram visit took an unexpected turn. When the technician scrolled around Amy's swollen belly, they discovered they weren't about to have one baby, not even two, but three. Triplets.

The New York couple conceived the triplets without fertility treatments. Interestingly, two of the boys are identical twins, while the third is their fraternal brother. Both parents were quite shocked when the three babies were unveiled. But shock turned to fear. The babies, who the couple named Hunter, Jackson and Kaden, were diagnosed with a rare birth defect called craniosynostosis, which is where the babies' skulls fused too soon. It can cause brain damage and is present in only one in every 2,500 births. In fact, doctors cannot find one single incident where all three triplets were born with craniosynostosis.

The triplets underwent surgery at 11 weeks of age. A team of doctors made small incisions on each of the boys' heads, then used a scalpel to cut out a strip of bone from their skull plates. For six to nine months, they must wear orthotic, custom-made helmets for most of the day to help reshape their skulls. Watch this touching video about the babies as they recover from surgery.


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