Zookeepers Build Snowman Inside Panda's Home, Never Anticipate Capturing Such A Special Reaction

Not everyone loves the cold and snow, but giant panda Da Mao does! Da Mao lives at the Toronto Zoo where temperatures can get pretty darn chilly. He loves frolicking outside, so the zoo decides to treat him to a special surprise. They make him a snowman! The zookeepers thought it'd be enjoyable to watch Da Mao's reaction - and boy did he give them something to talk about!

When Da Moa discovers this round, stacked object in his enclosure, he cannot contain his curiosity. He swats at it playfully. He backs up to it, then sits down and begins actively pawing and clawing at it. Then, the goofy giant panda even tries to nibble on it! He rolls on his back, goofing around in the snow, then stands up on his hind legs and tears at the snowman's head. What he does next is hilarious!

Da Mao tries climbing on top of the snowman and succeeds! He perches on top of it for a short bit, but then wobbles to and fro and falls off, bringing the snowman's head down with him. He's off camera for a very short bit, likely toying with the snowman's head, then returns to the dismantled snowman and hoists himself on top of the body! Da Mao initially acts like he's hugging the snowman, but then he plummets head first off of it into the snow pile below. But this guy is not about to stop there! He lays on his belly, draped across the snowman's body, then playfully slides off again head first on purpose! What he does next has everyone laughing at this silly giant panda's wintertime antics. See for yourself what a goofball this big guy is in the video below.

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