Mommy's Trying To Nap, Instead Baby's "Plan" Has Internet Rolling In Laughter

Anyone with a child can agree that sleeping in is almost a mythical idea. That's what this young mother figured out after trying to get a few extra hours of sleep in the morning. Instead of letting Mom sleep in and get her beauty rest, Baby plots the ultimate wake-up routine that's filled with face-grabbing, wiggling around and laying on Mom's mouth! If that can't get her up, nothing can!

According to Parents Magazine contributor, child psychiatrist, and author, Elizabeth Berger MD, touching a parent's face is a way to connect emotionally. Babies can't speak or communicate their feelings well, so face-touching and physical interaction is the only way they can show parents love. Even as a child gets older, they rely on physical touch more and more. In addition to verbal communications, physical actions are another way to show Mom and Dad what they want and how they feel. Even though this may be cute and an exciting time in your child's life, some of the face-grabbing can be painful. That's why it's important to teach your child only gentle touches are welcome! Hair-pulling, earring-grabbing, and hitting are all off limits. 

Thankfully, this little girl knows that she needs to be gentle when interacting with Mom. Every morning, Mom feeds her sweet daughter and the two cuddle up in bed. But when Baby is ready to get up and going, she doesn't hold back on trying to wake up Mom. As Mom tries to sleep for just a little longer, Baby wriggles, squirms and sprawls across Mom's face! It's clear that she's done with bed and ready to start playing! Take a peek at this adorable wake-up routine for yourself by pressing "play" on the video below.

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