Woman Slips On Ice, But People Can't Stop Talking About 'Hero' Who Runs From Car To Rescue Her...

A driver's dashcam caught the very moment a woman slipped on the glassy sheet of ice and an unlikely person jumps towards her. One can only imagine how the driver's heart must have been racing as the woman slipped and fell just before where they were driving. Slowing down to a halt was dangerous as ice covered the streets, yet they were able to slow down in time to stay clear out of the way. The woman struggled to get back up again, but little did she know the most unpredictable moment was about to take place.

The woman's fall to the ice was unfortunate, however, it was only after that happened when this hero made an appearance. The dashcam caught the fall, and not only that but the ultimate rescue. Who was in the car just in front of the camera was caught jumping out and racing on the ice towards the woman. For the driver with the dashcam catching it all, it was one of those moments when you can hardly believe what you're seeing. A woman in potential danger, a hero in a shocking suit, and the moment they meet. This was a moment the driver will surely never forget.

If you've ever had the opportunity to witness a good samaritan in action, it's likely that they were just a normal person in the right place at the right time. This one, on the other hand, was dressed from head to toe in a costume that had the driver in a mix of emotions. Watch how in a matter of just seconds, the woman's fall turns around into the most eye-catching scene as the hero leaps to save her in the video below.


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