Contestant Sings Streisand Classic, Judges Go Crazy And 1 Of Them Leaves Simon Utterly Embarrassed...

Sue Moretta's performance was the final audition of the 2017 Britain's Got Talent season, and she knew she had to go out with a bang! Instead of starting onstage like the rest of the contestants, Sue decided to shake things up a bit! With the music playing and the microphone in hand, Sue worked her way through the audience while belting "Don't Rain On My Parade."

Sue's powerful voice traveled through the venue and her infectious attitude made the judges giddy! They began dancing together and swaying to the sound of her incredible singing! David got so excited by her performance that he jumped up on the table and dropped his pants right in front of a mortified Simon!

When it came time to share their thoughts about Sue's performance, David exclaimed, "You're one of those people. You made us all so happy! We all just wanted to join in like a lot of the best performers." Amanda and Alesha agreed but all Simon could think about was the sight he had just witnessed, "I'm traumatized! I literally can't get the thought out of my mind!" Thankfully, Simon was able to move on from David's goofy actions and push Sue onto the next round! Watch her energetic performance for yourself by pressing "play" below!

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