4 Kids Take The Stage, Belt Out Classic Hymn With A Twist Like You've Never Heard Before...

Four young contestants each competed for the next round, yet their performance looked like they were unified as a group. They performed with talent well beyond their years as they harmonized with one another and allowed each other to have a turn in the spotlight. It's not easy for kids of their age to perform at such a level as this, but they pulled it off with sheer talent. When the adorable young girl opens with words to "Hallelujah," the judges get goosebumps while the audience sits in their seats completely silent. Not a pin drop could be heard apart from these talented singers as the song continued.

Watching these young artists perform was something out of the ordinary. Though only four kids made up the stage, it sounded as if an entire choir of angels sung the incredible song. Their emotional performance not only brought goosebumps, but also many tears. The song alone with its gorgeous melody will pull at your heartstrings, but adding the fact that these very young people were the ones singing makes it even more stunning.

Just when you think it couldn't get any better, watch how these kids take over the night with their matchless song. Each one is just as talented as the next. It's so amazing to see them compete together as one, as if they put aside their personal goals in that very moment just to pull off something unforgettable. Watch them in the video below, they may just blow you away.

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