If Your Hands Are Ever Zip-Tied Together, Here's The Easy Way To Escape In Seconds...

Hopefully you'll never find yourself in a situation where your hands are zip-tied together and someone is attempting to harm you. But, if you do, the YouTube star "Crazy Russian Hacker" has a simple solution that could possibly save your life!

It doesn't require you to have a pocket knife or sharp object handy. It's surprising just how simple breaking loose can be!

You can simply use your shoes to bust free with this easy trick anyone can do! All it takes is your shoelaces.

It's time to dive in and learn this helpful hack. The first thing you'll do is wait until the person who zip-tied you is out of earshot.

Then, carefully untie your shoelaces, lying the first untied lace along the shoe. Carefully back your hands and the zip-tie up to the lace lying on the shoe and maneuver it through the gap in the zip-tie by your wrists.

Feed the shoestring through this gap until you can grasp it with your fingers. Then grab the other shoestring.

Tie the two shoestrings together tightly with your fingers, making sure not to drop the laces if possible. Lastly, take your feet and begin to rub the tied laces back and forth against the zip-tie.

The friction caused by rubbing the laces on the zip-tie will hopefully burn through the tie and your hands will soon be free! It's crazy that this actually pans out!

Although there are a million reasons why this might not work (wearing shoes without laces, your feet are zip-tied as well, etc...), it's always good to have this little piece of information stored away in your brain! It's always better to be safe than sorry in a situation like this!

So, invest in your own well being and take a peek at the video below. Hopefully, you'll never need to know how to break from the clutches of zip-ties.


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