Mom Delivers Healthy Set Of Twins. Minutes Later Doctors Gasp At Rarity They've Never Seen...

Having twin babies is a rarity in and of itself, but by now most doctors are used to seeing them pop up in the delivery room now and then. However, after one mom gave birth to a healthy pair of babies, doctors couldn't help but gasp at another rarity they'd never seen before.

It's not very common for a woman to naturally release two eggs at the same time, and it's practically a miracle when fraternal twins are the result. Maria Flores and her doctors certainly knew that a sweet little boy and girl were ready to make an appearance, but they were still surprised when the two finally made their way into the world.

Hospital staff were stunned when an unexpected quirk made the newborns even more special than anyone could have ever imagined. In fact, most people will never see this happen in three lifetimes! This unique occasion is one that's definitely for the record books.

On the last day of 2017, Maria was rushed to the hospital when she went into labor prematurely. The cute little munchkins, Joaquin and Aitana, decided they couldn't wait to see their mom's glowing face, and popped out a little bit ahead of schedule!

The siblings were supposed to be born on January 27, 2018, but Joaquin Jr. decided that December 31, 2017 was going to be his special day. Not far behind him was his younger sister, Aitana, who thought that waiting an extra 18 minutes until it was January 1, 2018 would make everyone giggle at her impeccable timing.

It was certainly enough to make hospital staff break out into a smile - the twins are separated by only minutes on the clock, but they were literally born years apart. How cheeky is that?

Even more amazing is the fact that Joaquin Jr. was the very last baby to be born at the hospital last year, while Aitana was the very first one to be born in 2018. The doctor who delivered the twins, Seyed Tamjidi, told WKRN:

"I've been in the practice for almost 30 plus years. I've never had the opportunity to do anything like that before."

Maria and her husband, Joaquin, are both farm laborers from Earlimart, California, but the Delano Regional Medical Center where the twins were born is located in Kern county. Per the hospital's tradition, the first baby born in that county at the start of every new year is given lots of presents!

Organizations in the local community have donated over $3,000 worth of diapers, baby gear, and other goodies for mom and the newborns. Ah, so that's why Aitana hung around inside mom for a few extra minutes - she's the smart one!

Maria thought she had plenty of time left to shop for her little ones, but they unexpectedly arrived almost 4 weeks early. Thankfully, the community has already helped out the couple in a big way. These gifts are an extra blessing in this lucky family's soon to be very busy lives.

In the end, these famous siblings are bound to share everything together in life, just like they did in the womb - but sadly, they won't be sharing a birthday, or even birth year! However, having two birthday cakes two days in a row will more than make up for that little oversight. They probably planned it this way all along!



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