Dad Gets Out The Leaf Blower, Gets Fright Of His Life With What's Lurking Underneath...

It's all fun in games until Dad gets knocked on his booty! That's exactly what happened when an awesome prank was pulled on Dad while he was blowing the leaves. After hours of corralling the leaves into a neat pile, Dad gets ready to sweep them all away. Little does he know that two big surprises are hiding in the leaf pile and waiting to jump out!

Even though pranking may be frustrating or scary, The New York Times claims that it has some important mental benefits. The publication explains that pranking is a valuable way to regain your bearings as a human and remember that not everything in certain in life. This may seem like a heavy twist to a fun prank, but Kathleen D. Vohs, a consumer psychologist at the University of Minnesota, says that it's an important part of being human. According to Dr. Vohs, pranking holds a mirror to one's mental state and forces them to confront their own uncertainty! While all of this is a fascinating insight into the depths of pranking, it's definitely more than Mom and the kids wanted to do here!

Mom waits inside with her camera running as Dad blows the leaves into a big pile in the yard. He has no idea that a surprise is waiting inside the pile. As soon as Dad gets close, two leaf-covered kiddies jump out! He's so shocked that he falls back on his behind and glares at Mom who's laughing inside - he knows she was responsible for this! Take a peek at their hilarious leaf-pile prank by pressing "play" on the video below.

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