Woman Sets Bowl On Top Of Cake, Shares Brilliant Trick That May Change How You Cut One...

Do you know that you're probably cutting your cake in the wrong way? Most everyone cuts cake into triangular slices, much like cutting up a pizza. You use a big knife, start at the outside edge and gently drag it through or pop up and down, working your way across the diameter of the cake.

But there's something about this method that is just plain wrong and now Rachael Ray is here to point us in the right direction...

If you're like us when cutting the cake, you might even steal a finger swipe of frosting from the knife. However, the problem with the classic cake-cutting approach is that it oftentimes distributes cake crumbs into the frosting and sometimes you end up with different sized slices that can drum up some fisticuffs among kids vying for the biggest slice.

Someone guests might have a giant slice with all of the icing, while others are stuck to small, icingless pieces. It may seem like a little problem in the grand scheme of things, but uneven cake slices can turn dessert time into an all-out war.

But now there's an easy solution to make serving cake super easy and all you need is an extra bowl and a sturdy hand!

The next time you're cutting a round cake, give this infallible slicing method a shot. It's an easy way to make sure everyone is served an evenly sized slice of your delicious cake. Cook extraordinaire and host of her own TV show Rachael Ray explained on an episode (along with her special guest) that this is a hack many restaurant professionals use.

It's the same method bakers and caterers use when serving large wedding and birthday cake slices!

This method is perfect when you have a ton of guests over and want to serve up a yummy cake but aren't exactly sure how to give everyone an equally sized piece!

When selecting your bowl, make sure it allows for five or six inches outside its edge to the edge of the cake. Then take a knife and cut around the outside of the bowl.

Now you have a small cake in the middle and a ring of cake around the outside. This makes it easy to serve consistently sized, perfectly portions slices of cake for all of your hungry guests.

After the ring is outlined on the icing of the cake, all you need to do is work your way around the exterior ring of the cake and make small, four-sided pieces! Once all of the slices are served from the outside ring, you can start to cut into the smaller inner cake.

This technique will help ensure that each guest gets a fair amount of cake and nobody walks away from the dessert table without a piece! Everyone will appreciate a good-sized slice of cake and you'll feel comfortable that none of your guests felt slighted by a smaller piece!

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