Young Cheerleader Starts 'Routine'. Astonishing Captured Footage Goes Viral...

Tumbling can be a hard sport - anyone with even the vaguest knowledge of the technique will agree with that! But one skilled athlete made it all look easy during an unexpected performance when world-renowned tumbler Angel Rice stopped by a gymnastic academy and showed her fellow cheerleaders exactly what she's made of.

As soon as Angel stopped her incredible tumbling routine the entire room erupted with excitement! Now footage of her impromptu tumbling routine is going viral and it's easy to understand why... 

Even though cheerleading takes a level of dedication and practice that is unlike many other sports, some people think that cheerleaders aren't athletes. However, Angel, a cheerleader, and professional tumbler is here to prove everyone wrong. Angel's parents enrolled her tumbling classes when she was just a toddler - within months, it was clear that she was an extraordinary athlete created for winning world championships.

As she got older, Angel perfected her skill and was soon traveling the globe performing with USA Gymnastics Power Tumbling Team, taking home trophies right and left.

Now, Angel crosses the country and teaches young cheerleaders how to tumble just like her.

Angel is clearly a cheerleader with an amazing gift. After all of the other cheerleaders surrounded her, Angel performed five double twists and four passes without batting an eyelash.

This is what she was born to do and everyone watching in person or on the computer saw that!

There's a reason why she's known as one of the best tumblers in the world and is asked to demonstrate her skill to other aspiring athletes like she did here! After more than a decade of practice - many of which were spent in high-level competitions - it's only right that Angel is considered an all-star in her sport.

The cheerleaders waiting on the edges of the tumbling mat weren't the only ones who were impressed by Angel's heart-stopping routine! In the time since the footage was shared online, more than 10 million people have watched it and nearly as many have shared it with their friends and loved ones. 

Obviously, people all over the world appreciate Angel's incredible talent and look up to her in one way or another.

Hopefully, Angel releases more routines online in the years to come. There's no reason why such a talented individual shouldn't follow their passion and keep up with it every single day!


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