4 Very Handsome Men Line Up. Their Haunting Version Of 'O Holy Night' Is Going Viral...

"O Holy Night" is always a Christmas favorite and has been covered by many popular artists. This version by Il Divo shines as one of the best. The men's voices blend together perfectly and the setting is ideal for honoring the song's astoundingly humble history - as well as the true meaning of Christmas!

Even though "O Holy Night" is clearly one of the most popular Christmas carols today, many of us don't know the song's fascinating history. The song was first written as a French poem called "Minuit, chrétiens," which means "Midnight, Christians" in modern-day English. Placide Cappeau was the genius behind the poem and it all began when he was asked by his church to create a Christmas poem to perform at the unveiling of their beloved, recently repaired organ. Cappeau graciously accepted the challenge and sat down to write what would be "O Holy Night" all the way back in 1847. He had no way of knowing that his simple Christmas poem would still be a hit more than 170 years after he wrote it!

The song's widespread popularity is one of the reasons why Il Divo decided to include it on their album and perform it in such a beautiful setting. With the ruins surrounding them and a full orchestra beneath them, the men of Il Divo belt the words to "O Holy Night" flawlessly. This is a performance of the song that everyone should hear at least once in their lives. Take a peek for yourself by pressing "play" on the video below. We can't wait to see what Christmas music Il Divo releases in the future!

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