15 Cadets Line Up On Stage, 30 Seconds Into The Song The Crowd Goes Absolutely Wild...

They are in training to protect our freedom, to protect our country, to protect our lives. They also can sing like no other. The baby-faced all-male members of In The Stairwell, an a cappella group comprised of members of the U.S. Air Force Academy, took the stage during season 12 of America's Got Talent and stunned the panel of judges and the audience with their rendition of award-winning artist Ed Sheeran's song "Castle on the Hill." In fact, this group of incredible singers brought judge Mel B. to tears.

The Air Force cadets grace the darkened stage and stand in one long line. Then, one pure voice in the middle begins to sing. Gradually, the rest of the Air Force members chime in with beautiful, breathtaking harmony. Dressed in their uniforms, the singers execute minor choreographed moves until they bust out in a true Pitch Perfect-worthy a cappella routine complete with beat boxing and hip hop choreography. Several individuals showcase their talent with short solos before the group enters a stunning key change for the second version of this song's chorus.

This song is perfect for this young group of soldiers-in-training as it reminisces about the past. "And I'm on my way, I still remember these old country lanes when we did not know the answers." As their astounding and entertaining performance wraps up, the judges and audience treat them to a much-deserved standing ovation. When the judges addressed In The Stairwell, Mel B. first thanked them for their service, then she acknowledged how emotional their performance made her, bringing her to tears. Howie told them how much he loved this particular performance. Simon's review brought one brave young soldier to tears. Enjoy their remarkable performance in the video below and you just might find yourself grooving along to their singing.

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