Teen's Working 2nd Day At Job, Sees Man's Strange Behavior & Quickly Jumps Into Action...

There are people in this world who are quick to jump into action whenever an emergency arises, knowing just what to do to take control of the situation. And then there are those who immediately tense up, and are perfectly content moving aside so the heroes can work their magic. It was only his second day on a new job when 16-year-old Aaron Goddard found himself witnessing a frightening situation. Aaron was bussing tables at the Skyline Chili restaurant in Sycamore Township, OH, when he noticed a customer who was in need of immediate medical attention.

Aaron's mother Shannon had been working at Skyline Chili when her son decided to start volunteering there, eventually being hired on as an employee. Never could this high school student have imagined what terror his second day of work would bring. Aaron explained to Local 12 News, "Larry just collapsed right there where he was eating, and then they asked if anyone knew CPR. I just ran up and started doing CPR on him." Although Austin had been trained on the life-saving technique in school the year before, it takes a special person to be able to stay calm, remain clear-minded, and perform CPR effectively during such a terrifying moment.

Medics arrived and the man was taken immediately to the hospital. Aaron's mom was incredibly proud of her son and blown away by what he'd done. She shared, "I thought it was amazing. He has a completely different reaction to emergencies than I do. I freak, ya know a lot of people do - and he like goes into action." If you were in his position, could you have done the same? Watch below to hear Aaron speak about his life-saving act, and to find out what Larry's family brought to the restaurant to thank their hero:

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