They Have A Rare Giraffe In Their Herd - What It Looks Like Is Stunning...

The stunning baby giraffe was found wandering Tarangire National Park with her herd in Tanzania. A rarity among her kind, she is the most sought after giraffe in the world.

White Beauty

Omo, a 15-month-old white giraffe, was found roaming in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania, by wildlife researchers. Her beautiful white fur is the result of a condition called leucism, but she's not considered albino. She still has pigmentation in soft tissues such as her eyes, however there is no pigment in her skin cells.

The Art Of Fur

Ecologist Dr. Derek Lee of the Wild Nature Institute captured the photographs of Omo while studying giraffes in the wild. In order to keep track of the welfare and number of giraffes, the Institute has developed a unique software program that recognizes fur spot patterns from photographs. Omo's pale coat must have come as a surprise to everyone!

She Survived Dangerous Times

The Wild Nature Institute first spotted Omo in the wild last year, only a few months after she was born. When she was seen again almost a year after the initial sighting, the Institute was glad to see that she had made it through a critical time.

As Dr. Lee told Caters News:

"Omo is now 15 months old – she survived her first year as a small calf, which is the most dangerous time for a young giraffe due to lion, leopard and hyena preying on them."

Her doting mother has taken great care of Omo and made sure her little one made it through the tough times.

Unique Look Makes Her A Target

Because of her rare white fur, this gorgeous giraffe may become a target for poachers. Dr. Lee continued his interview with Caters News, stating that:

“We and our partners are working on giraffe conservation and anti-poaching to help give Omo and her relatives a better chance of survival."

I'm sure she'll live a full and happy life, having many calves of her own. It will be interesting to find out if the offspring will be just as pale as Mom.

Nature's Hidden Gems

Omo was born with a genetic condition that is a rarity among her kind. However, the herd didn't care about her unique colors, and accepted her as one of their own. Nature certainly has a few pretty tricks up her sleeve now and then, but in the end, Omo is a happy little giraffe.

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