Dad's Sleeping While The Family Is Watching A Movie - Don't Take Your Eyes Off The Baby...

Dad will bend over backwards if that's what it takes to save his child from harm's way, and it's just what he's wired to do. When danger occurs, he's right there to save the day. Slipping, falling, and tumbling, it's those moments when children's safety is out of reach that he always seems to be right there to grab them in his loving arms to help.

Some dads show their protective instincts in the most hilarious ways, others bring a major sigh of relief, but no matter what their specialty is, they are there and that's what matters. One dad's automatic reaction to chase his little ones down a hill is quite impressive. He sees them in a little red car zooming straight for his daughter at the bottom of the hill. Running as fast as he can, he swoops her out of harms way in just the nick of time.

Another dad enjoys the moment he's always been waiting for - helping his daughter learn to ride her bike. She's doing great, so he releases his hand only to find her slowly falling off. When he goes for the rescue, just wait till you see how tangled he is in order to keep her safe.

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